EZ2EAT is more than an e-commerce platform. It's an online social community that brings the food delivery experience to a whole new level.

We value the relationship people have with food. Now merchants will have the opportunity to create solid and lasting relationships with their customers, and the users will enjoy features like sharing, splitting, rewards, and the ability to interact with other users and restaurants in a fun and easy way.

We are creating an innovative platform. More than a delivery system, we also provide:

  1. ) Marketing tools, e-mails, and texting: We pride ourselves on driving customers back to your store. We use text message and e-mail campaigns with personalized messages about the restaurants' promo codes, discounts, etc.
  2. ) Graphic Design: Menus, banners, promo cards, business cards... anything you need to promote your brand, specially planned to upgrade small businesses.
  3. ) Social Media integration: EZ2EAT has a strong online presence in the major Social Media platforms, and uses it to direct customers to the restaurants.
  4. ) Cost: With EZ2EAT, the merchant doesn't have to wait for two to four weeks to get their money. The process is done within 24 to 48 hours!
  5. ) Control: Restaurants can have daily specials and change their menus at any time; our platform is ready to accommodate it. Our user-friendly dashboard, menus, images, and logos can be changed very easily and at any time.
  6. ) Customer data: Wanna know who your customers are? We give the restaurants full access to the data.
  7. ) Multilingual support: As any good New York-based company knows, English is not everyone's first language. We aim to make our customers feel more comfortable, so we provide customer support in several languages.
  8. ) Real time analytics: Our dashboard provides valuable information for your business. You can clearly see how many deliveries have been generated by us, and how EZ2EAT can help you reach out to your customers.
And soon, we will release more features!